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Connecting you to top internationally-accredited medical care …
At much lower cost than the United States.

Med Expert Chile, SpA is your gateway to the prestigious Joint-Commission International (JCI) accredited facilities in some of Latin America’s most modern cities, offering top quality medical and surgical care at far lower cost than the USA.  Med Expert Chile is based in Santiago, Chile, one of the world’s most modern cities nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful Santiago provides some of the highest-quality patient centered medical care, variety of specialists and treatment choices in the world.  We also work with JCI-accredited hospitals in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru in South America, and Panama in Central America to offer you a wide range of prices and services, tailored to your needs.

Physician founded.  We represent PATIENTS.  You are not just a number.  Doctors and nurses take time with you.

Med Expert Chile is a new concept in medical tourism services: we represent patients, not hospitals or insurance companies.  We are your Medical Advocate, your Medical Navigator, your Medical Concierge. Our Chief Medical Officer is a US physician in active medical practice, and is assisted by our US-based Advisory Group of physicians and surgeons.  We research the best options for you from top JCI-accredited hospitals, specialists and treatment choices. JCI requires its accredited hospitals to have top quality facilities and medical-surgical care, and state-of-the-art equipment equal to or surpassing  those of American cities. Most top physicians and surgeons have trained in the US and speak English. Costs are typically 60-75% lower than in the US.