Personalized Care

Med Expert Chile is committed to excellence in medical and surgical treatment using only internationally-accredited private hospitals and top-tier physicians and surgeons. Med Expert Chile selects top private hospitals that are Joint-Commission accredited, have lower costs and lower rates of hospital-acquired infections than the United States, and some of the best track records for overall patient safety. We tailor the treatment options to what YOU need, focusing on finding the best doctor for you with our world class team of specialists.

With world-class specialists and ultramodern hospital infrastructure, Santiago offers quality patient-centered treatment and expertise with:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Physician oversight of the entire process from initial contact to your return home
  • Continuous quality and outcomes monitoring
  • Experienced, dedicated staff and a patient-focused concierge for you
  • Professional management expertise at each and every step of your health journey


We excel in individualized treatment with our multidisciplinary team developing an integrated care plan for each patient.

Our experienced and compassionate team of specialists ensures that every patient receives the best care possible with state-of-the art treatment. We are totally committed to excellence in all aspects of your medical care.