Patient Stories

Patsy tells us about her outstanding medical care experience in Santiago Chile for her knee surgery and physiotherapy, at much lower cost than the United States. She was an RN for 35 years in the US before coming to Santiago, and clearly knows how to evaluate the best medical and surgical care.

Dennis is a US businessman living in Chile who suffered from severe back pain not helped by chiropractors and other treatment, so he elected to have lumbar laminectomy and spinal fusion surgery. But Dennis did NOT than return to the US – he chose to stay in Santiago to top tier medical care and much lower costs. Listen to Dennis explain why he chose Santiago, and why he is a very satisfied patient.

Angela had a comprehensive preventive medicine evaluation in Santiago, Chile and to her dismay, they found a breast lump. She shares her positive, compassionate experience in the Santiago hospital. Since she was leaving for the US in 2 days, she decided to have her biopsy at home, but encountered a very difficult struggle to get it done – unlike in Santiago.

Thinking about saving money AND having top tier medical care? Come to Santiago Chile! Lois describes her outstanding experience with heart valve replacement surgery in Santiago Chile at lower cost than the US, plus more patient-centered care. Listen to her story. After some close calls and misdiagnoses in the US, compared to her excellent medical care in Santiago over a number of years, Lois said she prays she can avoid having something happen when traveling to the US!

Bob is a US businessman living and working Santiago, Chile. He was recently bitten by a dog and had treatment in both Santiago and in the US. Listen as he describes the ease and low cost of treatment in Chile vs the nightmare –and very expensive — ordeal he had in the US trying to get the last one of his series of rabies shots! He also describes his heart tests in both countries. He shows how patients do not have to be trapped in the chaotic and high cost US healthcare system if willing to travel for high quality, lower cost medical care.