The Country

Escuela Militar12Chile, jewel of South America, lies nestled between the towering Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean. Chile’s capital city, Santiago, sits on an open plain at the foot of the majestic snow-covered Andes, giving it one of the most dazzling backdrops of any capital city in the world. Santiago welcomes you to its vibrant cultural scene, and also boasts the highest-quality, patient-centered private hospitals (“Clinicas”) anywhere in the world. Outgoing and friendly Chileans proudly welcome you to their clean, modern and safe country.

Private hospitals in Santiago, Chile offer experienced specialists, many trained in US centers. Private hospitals in Santiago are known for doctors who choose to return to practice medicine in Santiago where they are allowed time with you as a patient. Doctors know you as a Person, not just a case number. State-of-the-art facilities and equipment, plus the most advanced treatments available anywhere assures you receive the most individualized medical and surgical care. Many private hospitals in Santiago have newer treatment options that are not always available in the US.

Most of Santiago’s top physicians and nurses speak English. We will also have staff and technology to assist you with translations. From the moment you arrive with us, language will not be a barrier.

Chile’s private hospitals boast some of the world’s highest patient safety and quality standards coupled with the lowest infection rates found anywhere…at far lower cost than the United States. Our team of US physician advisors also monitor you every step of the way. This combination helps insure shorter hospital stays and successful outcomes.

Today, Chile’s economy is booming with dazzling Santiago at its hub. Arriving in the capital, you will be impressed with the clean, orderly modern city with its vibrant lifestyle and happy people. There is an all-pervading sense of energy that makes Santiago alluring. Add the fact that it’s so green: tall, luxuriant trees fill the main square, and there are numerous meticulously landscaped parks and tree-lined streets. The beautiful backdrop of the Andes, frame the entire cityscape.

Santiago is Chile’s cultural, economic and educational center. With over 6 million people, it is a truly first-world modern city, with familiar hotels, shops and luxury hotels. Its manicured, tree lined city parks, restaurants, arts and museums offer new visitors a wide variety of activities. Bordering on Chile’s famous wine country, Santiago is also only one hour from the Pacific Ocean and lovely coastal beach escapes like Viñas Del Mar. Drive an hour the other direction for superb Andes skiing, or trail rides in Chile’s horse country.

With year-round moderate weather, a modern highway system and geography that contains a beautiful variety of landscapes, Chile offers visitors from overseas a perfect mixture of natural beauty, public safety, political stability and an exceptionally modern infrastructure with world class medical facilities.

Fly to Santiago directly from major US gateways. Discover the beauty and culture of Chile and Santiago while receiving the best medical care and personalized treatment the world can offer. You will be welcomed and justly impressed.