Travel to Chile

Chile, jewel of South America, lies nestled between the towering Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Chile’s capital city, Santiago with its stunning modern skyscrapers, sits on an open plain at the foot of the majestic snow-covered Andes, giving it one of the most dazzling backdrops of any capital city in the world. Santiago welcomes you to its vibrant cultural scene, peaceful green spaces and parks, and a first world array of shops, restaurants, hotels, and services. Santiago boasts some of the highest quality, patient-centered private hospitals anywhere in the world. Out of Santiago, our tour guides are available to take you for day or weekend trips to wine and horse country, Pacific Ocean beaches, Andes skiing, or travel to the South of Chile for magnificent lakes and fjords. Outgoing and friendly Chileans proudly welcome you to their clean, modern, safe and vibrant country.

Take a look at these videos that showcase all Chile has to offer for a wonderful vacation after you have recovered from your medical or surgical procedures. (Source: