Payment Options

S03We know when you are seeking health care, finances should be the least the least of your concerns. As with your medical care, Med Expert Chile works to make this time the stressful for you and your family. Our specialists will assist you in obtaining the best solutions for you. Speak to us about customizing this for you. Med Expert Chile works with you through every step of your payment process.

  • Using Your Current Medical Insurance.

Many insurance plans now allow and, in fact, encourage your procedure and care in hospitals outside the US. We will work with you to determine if your current insurance covers your care.

  • No Current Insurance?

No need to worry. Med Expert Chile has options for you. Our affiliated insurance carriers can often write policies for our patients to cover foreign medical care.

  • Financing.

Insurance will often not cover elective procedures such as cosmetic or weight loss surgery. In addition, under the new healthcare law, many more patients are facing rising co-pays and deductibles, cutbacks in coverage, and denials for coverage surgical procedures based on one’s age or health status.  To avoid these delays and denials, Med Expert Chile has banking relationships that offer short-term medical financing loans so that YOU can be in control of deciding what, where and when for any surgery you may need. This allows you to more quickly have the medical care you need, and then extend payments over a time frame that works for you and your budget. Our team will help guide you to companies that will set up just the right medical financing plan for you.

  • Credit Cards.

Med Expert Chile accepts all major credit cards for payment.