Breast Augmentation or Reduction


breastMammoplasty, or breast surgery, can be used to increase the size of the breasts (augmentation mammoplasty), or to decrease the size (reduction mammoplasty) of excessively large breasts that cause back and neck pain due to the weight of the excess tissue.


Surgery to enlarge the breasts are most often done for cosmetic and personal reasons, but occasionally it is done because of endocrine or other medical conditions causing failure of normal breast growth and development. Breast augmentation may be done as part of reconstruction surgery following mastectomy (removal of the breast) in the treatment of breast cancer. Enlarging the breasts is done by use of saline or silicone-filled implants in various sizes that can be placed either over or under the muscles of the chest wall to give fuller breasts.

Breast reduction is primarily done when the breasts are so large and heavy that their weight causes back and neck pain, or interferes with normal body alignment leading to pain.  Excessively enlarged breasts may also cause other problems, such as difficulty sleeping, restricted exercise ability, chronic skin irritation under the breasts, deep grooves in the shoulders due the deep pressure of bra straps, and diminished self-image due to abnormally large breasts. Women with PCOS who have unusually large breasts due to the hormonal imbalance, may decide on breast reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons and to help lower health risks related to excess body fat and insulin resistance. While breast reduction is almost always performed on women, men may also benefit from the surgery if they suffer from a condition called gynecomastia) that causes abnormal breast enlargement.

During your consultation with our specialist surgeons, your physician will discuss the procedure that is best for your situation and medical needs.


The primary benefit for breast reduction surgery is relief of pain from the weight of enlarged breasts. Women with both augmentation and reduction surgery typically report more comfort, better self esteem and self-confidence when breast size is more aligned with the woman’s perception of normal for her. Some evidence suggests a possible lower risk of later breast cancer when excess breast tissue is removed surgically.


Your risks of developing complications during surgery depends on several key factors: your general health before surgery, the skill of the surgeon and surgical team, the quality of the hospital facility. Any major surgery has potential general risks that we do our best to minimize by carefully evaluating all our patients with medical and surgical review and consultation before you ever leave home to do our best to be sure that:

  • you meet the appropriate criteria for the procedure,
  • you are medically stable to travel and undergo surgery,
  • you are mentally prepared and feel comfortable with your surgeon,
  • your surgeon has the right training and experience to meet your needs,
  • the hospital has all the facilities and equipment to properly carry out the surgery recommended.

Med Expert Chile has selected the leading surgeons in their fields and one of the top private hospitals in Santiago known for its meticulous attention to reducing risks of infection and complications during surgeries. With over 25,000 surgeries in 2013, our partner hospital had a 0.8% infection rate, one of the lowest in the world. 

General risks of any major surgery can include, but not limited to, infection, excessive bleeding or blood clots, adverse reactions to anesthesia, inadvertent damage to other tissues surrounding the surgical site, or in very rare cases, disability or death.

Specific risks known to be possible for your particular procedure will be discussed ahead of time by your surgeon.

We do everything possible to reduce these risks and help you feel comfortable and prepared to go forward with surgery.


We do not sell “Off-the-shelf” surgeries at a fixed cost. We determine the right procedure for each person after our medical-surgical consultation to discuss your best options. A precise cost estimate can only be given after our Medical Director and Surgeons have completely evaluated your specific case and your medical needs and discussed all this with you.

In general, breast reduction or enlargement surgery costs approximately 35-40% lower than in the United States. See more information about cost savings and payment options.