Cost Savings

Procedure Costs

We do not sell “Off-the-shelf” surgeries at a fixed cost. A precise cost estimate can only be given after our Medical Director and Surgeons have completely evaluated your specific case and your medical needs.

Depending on the procedure that is right for you, costs range from 30-70% lower than US hospitals. We determine the right procedure for you after your medical-surgical consultation to discuss your best options.

Here are some samples of the surgeries available, and estimated savings over US prices:

Surgery / Typical Savings

Knee replacement / 60% lower
Hip replacement / 55% lower
Cardiac bypass, stent or valve replacement / 70% lower
Prostate Brachytherapy, includes seeds / 70% lower
Spinal Fusion / 65% lower
Hysterectomy, laparoscopic / 69% lower
Breast reduction or augmentation / 35% lower
Weight Loss surgeries (bypass, band, sleeve) / 30% lower